New blog home

My blog has changed address.
You are invited to a housewarming at the new home:


Hope to see you there!


End of holiday!

Summer holiday is unfortunately over.
It was spend at Fanø (Denmark), Malmø (Sweden), Barcelona (Spain)
and in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Here is something I bought from the different locations.

Sanna Anukka Notebook
Fox Gift Wrapping Paper
mt Japanese Masking Tape

Catalogue from the exhibition BLUSH by Scholten & Baijings
Happy Birthday Card (with dogs)
Green Prize Rosette


Nordic feeling

With this post being my last before I head to Scandinavia for the summer (nice and cool…)
I wish you all a nice summer! I will only be posting a few times during summer until mid August.

Today I will bring you some true scandinavian feeling even though these chairs are made by Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio and Elisabetta Amatori of the Italian agency Resign.


Less is more…

Just pinned these to bearded men to my Pinterest board.
Did you guess who they are supposed to look like?
(answer in bottom left corner of picture)
By Dubai-based graphic designer Ali Jabbar
who also has a carrier background in Denmark.


We Make Carpets

We Make Carpets - is an artist group
that makes "visual" carpets from almost everything.
They call them temporary contemporary carpets!


Thinking of Paris

Today I am leaving for Paris - here's something to get you in the right mood…

Moustache Mugs by Peter Bruegger via Like Cool  -


Pin boards

I have recently started pinning pictures of interiors, design, colors, art…everything I blog about basically (and more) and I am able to share all this here.

From my pin boards:


Fish, string, triangles, balls…

I have had these items lying for quite some time now - now I want to create something from it.
I have an idea but let see how it turns out!!


On the front page…

I was quite surprised seeing myself on the front page of Designer's Days website!
It's me in the bottom left corner - with the mustache…(long story!)

Creative people you should know about

Let me introduce to you 3 creative people today!

The first one is from Germany -
Katharina Trudinski
I love her use of colors and texture!

The next one I want to introduce to you is Dana Haim -
2010 textile graduate from Central Saint Martins in London.
Bold and beautiful prints!


And now, please welcome Brock Davis -
Minneapolis-based artist and musician who created the project: 
MSCED -"Make-something-cool-everyday". 
(one picture above this text and one below…had some difficulties…)
What have we been doing all the time? 
I will stop blogging now and start doing something cool…, - )
Have fun everyone!


More paper cuts

Here are the latest
Paper Cut Artwork Large no.3 & 4 (below)
Size: 70 x 100 cm

Tomorrow I will share some links to cool creative people. 


Colorful days

Our guests have left…it was such lovely days we've spend together!
When seeing the artwork that I had made I immediately got a delivering order for 2 new artworks. Those I finished with some cutting help today. They are now on there way to Denmark. I will show a picture later.
Today was another rainy day though the past few days have been very hot with a lot of sun.
Some of the highlights from the past few days are: sailing on a river, eating dinner in the nearby park, watching the children play with water and finishing some sewing projects - including a bag I am bringing to a wedding. Reminds my of another artwork I need to finish…
Looking at this blog where the picture is from.